Technique of relaxation and well-being by shin-anma-shiatsu




Shin:  The way to the center

The peculiarity of this style is that it is mainly based on the release of the breath (kokyu) vehicle of energy (ki)


Anma:  Soothing with the hands

It must be practiced with fluidity, rhythm, oiling, stretchings mobilisation of joints, pressure, vibrations and percussions, the objective is to unwind the psychophysical tensions


Shiatsu:  Shi <finger> Atsu <pressure>

It consists in stimulating by pressure the points (tsubos) of the energetic paths (meridians) used in accupuncture (accupressure)


Shiatsu gives immediate results:

-Alleviates fatigue, relieves stress

-Reduces nervous excitement, anxiety, migraine and promotes sleep

-Reduces muscular tension (neck, shoulders, back, etc.)

-Stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph

-Improves energy balance as well as the general functions of the body. 


À real moment of relaxation, of deep repose, emotional, physical and mental 



  also at your home, in your company 

On a Japanese futon on the floor ergonomic chair and table 

Correct outfit required 

Equipment suitable for people with reduced mobility. Non medical  nor physiotherapeutic practice. 





 Adapt the Shin-anma-shiatsu massage to your needs


 Global healing Shiatsu massage 


 -  2 hours : 120€

 -  1h30.      :  90€

 -  1h.         :  70€


Care supplements 


 -  Abdominal relaxation 30mn : 30€

 -  Foot massage 30mn : 30€

 -  Cranial massage 30mn : 30€



Company and event rates 





Around the 7th century, Tuina and Anmo were born. As time went by, the technique of Chinese origin, became Japanese. Based on the principles of Chinese medicine these two first disciplines evoked merged into one and became the Anma. This practice then took the name of Shiatsu (acupressure) it comes from the meeting of the proper elements of Shintaido ( new path of the body) and Anma ( the ancestor of shiatsu) and is part of the particularly rich sector of practical manual techniques for millennia in the far east.